Feb 17, 2012

Play Trailers

I've seen some pretty good theatre lately. I took in Upstart Productions' THE MELANCHOLY PLAY by Sarah Ruhl a few weeks back and tonight I'm heading off to see my friend and colleague Larry Herold's World Premiere of his play THE SPORTS PAGE at Ft. Worth's Stage West. Having seen both a reading and had a chance to read through an earlier draft myself, I expect great things.

I bring up both of these productions, because they are both also represented by some wonderful trailers. It is interesting that using video trailers to market a production used to be sort of an "icing on the cake" affair. They are now de rigueur. And just as other forms of digital/online aspects of theatre marketing have evolved (is there any theatre out there now that doesn't have an accompanying website?), the video trailer has changed and become more intricate as - the very short - time has gone by. Production values and novelty count, it seems.

Anyway, both THE MELANCHOLY PLAY and THE SPORTS PAGE have had wonderful teams behind them, coming up with some great trailers.

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