Feb 5, 2011

Monologue Jam... WORLD PREMIERE!

So, I've had this idea for a while: a solo performer on stage taking a suggestion from the audience and then simply telling a compelling story or monologue based on that suggestion. I have been interested in this precisely because of the apparent simplicity.

Anyway, before the holidays last year, I brought the idea up to my friend John Rawley, who runs the Alternative Comedy Theater as a possible project and new format to work on. He liked it, so we gathered up our friend and colleague (and all-around improv bad-ass) Jeff Swearingen and have rehearsed a few times.

The Monologue Jam is a simple (perhaps new?) format presented in two sections. Section one involves individual performers taking a stab at improvised story-telling based on an audience suggestion. Section two is a "round robbin" (or "jam") session where the performers tag in and out continuing  a single storyline based on audience suggestions.

We're going to world-premiere it at Cafe Bohemia on Saturday, February 12, playing on the same bill as the all-girl group The Band Wreckers. Should be fun and interesting, to say the least.


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