May 5, 2010

Bespoke Monologues Tailored Just For You

Actors and performers! Students and the mildly curious!

Get custom designed monologues here, fashioned from scratch by master craftsman Brad McEntire! Blending old world luxury with contemporary function, McEntire will write you a monologue for a mere $50.

If you need a monologue for a class, audition, or simply for your own amusement McEntire will create one made-to-measure. Just for you! Feel free to email me for more info.

Here’s how it works:

Email me something to the effect of: Brad, write me a monologue, please! 
My reply email says something like: No problem!

And then, like a good tailor of a hand-made suit, I'll get a list of your preferences. You'll tell me:

- A few things that interest you in your life (i.e.  giant robots, prayer beads, WWII, princesses, pastries, etc.)

- Something you may have always wanted to do / play / see onstage
- As a performer, what you believe your strengths are. 

- What would you like the monologue to accomplish (is it to show range? be dark and creepy? funny?)
Next, I go off and write it. Turn around is usually within 2 weeks. You pay for it. I give you a monologue (we'll tweak it to your liking as needed, of course.)

But why would you want Brad McEntire to write you a monologue? First, he's an experienced playwright, with a strong background in the theatre. Secondly, see what others have to say about the monologues he's created for them:


Brad McEntire is one of the most creative and subversive theater writers of his generation!  The fact that this guy is an actor, director, and producer only serves to elevate his writing to a whole new level because he's in the trenches trying new theater forms, taking creative risks a bunch of us only wish we would take, and not giving a rat's ass what anyone thinks!  That being said, he's also kind, funny, generous and willing to do what is needed to supply an actor with the necessary tools they need to make their scene or monologue pop.  This man will write something for you which will make your piece stick out in auditions in an extremely positive manner!   ----Vikas Adam, Actor, L.A.

"If you want a monologue that's fresh, witty, and unique let Brad McEntire be the writer you choose. He's an unconventional, educated playwright with the power to create a fully-customizable and entertaining arrangement of prose. Imagine how much richer and truer your delivery will come across when you have a personalized monologue by an accomplished writer that you helped create!" ----Rhianna Mack, Actress, Dallas TX

"Brad McEntire paints complex moods in his theatrical writing with a touch of light and love. With a vivid imagination and talent for gracefully weaving comedy and drama together in poignant truth, Brad is able to provide for the actor a world that is both surreal and beautifully honest. As an actor, it is an honor to be working with Mr. McEntire's writing."       ---- Emily Woo Zeller, Actress, NYC

Special Thanks to Bekah Brunsetter for the idea!


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